Baby Wooly Dust Mop with Wooden Handle

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The Baby Wooly is perfect for big messes in small spaces, or for little hands being a big help. Durable Velcro backing makes removal for washing (or hand dusting) easy peasy. 48" wooden handle, 7" attaching frame/11" x 9" dusting surface.

A perfectly fabulous old-fashioned solution to pesky dust, these wool "dry mops" have been hand-made in Vermont from American sheepswool for 110+ years. Multi-colored in the best possible way, the 100% natural wool fibers naturally attract dust particles and pet hair, and their natural lanolin content provides a sleek dust-free finish without water or chemicals. Unlike disposable plastic-heavy alternatives (we'll just say it rhymes with "sniffer") which rely on artificial wet jets and litter landfills with disposable pads and tubs, these all-natural friends can be infinitely hand washed, air dried, refreshed, and reused.

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