Artichoke Lemon Pesto Grande - 23oz

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Smeared (sandwich), dipped (toast), dunked (veg), tossed (pasta), spooned (mouth). This zingy artichoke and lemon "pesto" is a rich pop of flavor however you deploy. Creamy artichoke at peak ripeness, bright lemon, and rich parmesan.

About our pantry: As the prophet Alice Waters says: "A well-stocked pantry helps you think creatively about how to feed yourself, and anyone who happens to be with you, a thoughtfully prepared, flavorful, and wholesome meal, without expending very much time or effort." Though we certainly consider them essential, our selection of pantry pleasures are less "staple" and more "stunner", lovingly selected (with many taste-tests, hey, someone's gotta do it) to zuzz up every luncheon, snackarito, cocktail hour spread, and, of course, host-gift-basket that might pop up. Stock your shelves and never be left wanting when the need arises.

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