Swedish Brass and Maple Glockenspiel -7 Note- English Version D-E-G-A-B-D-E

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OMGlockenspiel! Made in Sweden, this stunning little brass + maple xylophone has the most beautiful chiming ring. We initially got this as a dream gift for the musically-inclined little ones in our lives (which it definitely is) but we pretty much immediately co-opted it for our own uses. The seven beeswax-coated brass tone bars are perfectly tuned to a G-Major pentatonic scale (d-e-g-a-b-d-e) which, in addition to busting out a pleasing rendition of "Amazing Grace" also allows for explorative tone play in the key of G (as well as interesting dissonances in C, E, and beyond... go forth and discover, young Bachs!). If theory ain't your thing, it's also ideal on the desk for impromptu stress-busting concertos and we've even started making our own specific chime when it's officially cocktail hour. It's like the genteelest dinner bell you can imagine. If you hear "d-g-g-b-a-g-d-d" come on over. Comes with both a wooden and a muted rubber mallet for tone explorations.

Need a little inspiration? See the Foundry Family working through the official Foundry Glockenspiel Songbook with little numbers like this little ditty or this classic!

Take Note: In the picture, the "B" is noted as an "H" in the European manner, the English versions will say "B"

Take Care: Scratches to the tone bars can be treated with very fine steel wool, taking care to move exactly along the direction of the tone bar. The maple body has been primed with shellac and finished with a light beeswax coating. Luster can be restored with the wood conditioner of your choosing (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry).

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