$50 Gift Card

Article number: P-14143
Well, look at that! It's the perfect gift. Let them loose for a choose-your-own adventure fantasia *or* make a date to come in with them and ooh and ahh over your thoughtfulness together. You know that phrase "like a kid in a candy shop"? That's how recipients of a Foundry Gift Card feel!

Perhaps you'd like to come into the shop and pick your card up. Perhaps you'd like us to (snail/e-)mail the gift card to you or the recipient. Perhaps you'd like to include a little note. Or, perhaps it would be best if Ruby delivered it with a Saint Bernard-style neck-barrel full of hot toddies. Drop us a note when you're checking out and let us know what you'd like!

As of now, Foundry Gift Cards are immediately ready to use in the shop. If you want to use a Gift Card Online, we'll be happy to make that work for you/the recipient. Give us a call!

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