2023 Foundry + Two Pony CSA - A Bountiful Farm + Foundry Annual Subscription May-Nov

Availability: SOLD OUT , but we will be restocking the shelves in a shake of a lamb's tail!

We are so excited to announce that our Foundry + Two Pony CSA is BACK for the 2023 season!

Rooted in the principles of Community, Simplicity, and Abundance, our monthly CSA will continue to connect like-minded humans to nourishing, thoughtfully produced food at peak seasonality AND an accompanying Foundry selection of corresponding delights.

This year we'll be offering our monthly subscription boxes for the peak season: May-November.

Unlike some traditional CSA's (which often find members overloaded with zucchini or more chard than they know what to do with), each month's share of our CSA features a curated selection of the season's best offerings from the farm-paired with a carefully chosen selection of wonderful Foundry goods to make the most of that month's particular bounty.

Once you've signed up and in advance of the first share, members will be sent our CSA Membership Questionnaire so we can take into account your household size and makeup, preferences (kids stuff? cocktail stuff? BOTH?), and each individual share will be personally tailored and cross referenced against any prior Foundry purchases to make sure each month's vibe is as fresh and perfect as summer's first tomato.

And, if you need to pause for a month (say, like the French do in August), you can roll over into a double sized share the next month! Flexibility is key!

We are so looking forward to sharing another CSA season together, to celebrate home and homestead, and revel in simple joys, abundant tables, and the power of community to grow something grand.

Due to regulations regarding shipping agricultural goods, The Foundry + Two Pony CSA is for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, at The Foundry Shop.

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